Studio Logic


At Woodstock Studios’ heart is the large, open-plan tracking/mixing room. Designed to allow musicians to connect visually and sonically with band members and producer/engineers it features an immaculate 1970s Neve 8016 console that’s without a doubt the recording jewel of Melbourne. A huge collection of new and vintage outboard is racked and divides the space. A raised lounge, three keyboard zones and ample ‘ground zero’ playing space makes this room both practical and functional. It’s a whole lotta (serious) fun!

Drum Room

Woodstock’s mid-sized drum room is deceptively impressive. Why? Because its a reasonably tight space, however sonically, it’s the bomb! With ample close reflections and controlled dampening panels, the space crafts volume, punch and impact – effectively compressing a drum kit naturally. The result is a highly intelligent recording base; one that can be made ‘Beatles’ close/dry or dampened; or via the aid of vintage Neumann and/or Sony ‘tube’ ambient mics, made ‘John Bonham’ brighter, silkier and more energetically ‘live’. Put simply: it’s a room that must be heard!

Iso Booths

Woodstock Studios features two amplifier/strings/vocal ISO booths, situated close the tracking/mixing room console area. With each differing in size and acoustic treatments, the choice between tight/focused ‘dead’ separation vs. acoustics that are slightly brighter with soft transient reflections, do offer more choice. Pushing the boundaries further: ask about our ‘stairwell chamber’ space that crafts incredibly authentic renditions of 1960s echo chamber effects. It’s the real deal and it’s all here at Woodstock Studios.


29 Woodstock Street,
Balaclava, Victoria, Australia

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